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Thursday, February 23, 2006

An example of Apocalypto misinformation

Today issued a 2006 Movie Preview. Even if this was posted in the "opinion" section and not the "news" section, their summary of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto is fairly typical of the poorly-researched, incomplete or just plain wrong ideas floating around:

Apocalypto (July) An epic story of the Mayan civilization on the decline several hundred years before Columbus sailed to the New World. Filled with superstition, omens and an unintelligible native language, this follow-up to The Passion caused director Mel Gibson to go ZZ Top with a crazy beard."

To make this simple - a bullet list of the problems with this review:
  • I'm not sure where they got a release date of "July" - but we've never heard a date that late mentioned anywhere.
  • Several hundred years before? Rumors have been pretty consistent that the movie is placed much closer to the arrival of the European explorers.
  • Superstition? Omens? As much as any ancient culture has - maybe.
  • Unintelligible? What foreign language is intelligible to non-speakers?
  • Follow-up to The Passion? Apocalypto has nothing to do with The Passion.

I think that about does it. Oh - wait - one more:

  • ... Mel shaved the beard. Hope you weren't too attached to it.