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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who is Rudy Youngblood?

Rudy Youngblood will be playing the lead role of Jaguar Paw in Apocalypto (earlier speculation had given the lead role to Mauricio Amuy, who will be playing another role as it turns out).

Click here for Rudy's IMDB profile.

More about Rudy Youngblood, taken from his official website:

Rudy Youngblood, also known as Tee-Dee-Nae (which means "Strong Boy") is a gifted grass dancer, pow-wow singer and artist. Rudy is of the Comanche, Cree and Yaqui people and was raised in Washington State, Texas and Arizona. His pow-wow circuit has taken him throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. In June 2005, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue several new endeavors; of which, included a prospective career in acting. In October 2005, he was cast as the lead in an Oscar winning director's next movie [yes, you guessed it - Apocalypto] and immediately went on location in Mexico -- he is expected to be there until April 2006. [Read the rest.]

If you want, you can sign his guestbook and wish him well. Also, his website contains more pictures and information about this young and talented actor.

Rudy appeared previously in Spirit: The Seventh Fire as the role of a Warrior Protector.